Reason Number 3: Connecting the Dots

Doll Face 3

Okay, so I love old stuff and purchase a lot of it.  But I’m not only a material girl!  I really enjoy other experiences, like reading books, listening to music, watching well-made (and some not-so-well made) TV, seeing live performances on stages large and small, and … eating.  Almost all of these other activities have connections with days-past, and I get such a kick out of hearing about connections (or discovering them myself!).   What a charge it was when a friend identified a piece of Pyrex used in Mad Men as one in my own collection!  What terrific fun when a friend hosted a “school lunch” potluck, complete with plastic trays and quarters to buy orange popsicles!  There are a lot of you out there who can introduce us to ways in which writers, filmmakers, and musicians are using vintage items or specific time periods to express ideas about the world we live in today…  The more dots that get connected the fuller our picture becomes!

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