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In the previous blog post, I tried to describe how we got here, or at least to the place where we reached out over the internet to create a space for folks to share what they know and what they want to know about the world of vintage and antiques. The only trouble is…I don’t know a whole lot about the practicalities about blogging.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of experts on the internet!  A LOT of experts out there know a LOT of things.  So once again I turned toward my newly found best-friend information source…search engines and blogs.

I didn’t want to be influenced by the specific style of another vintage blogger – there are some I love sooo much that I could easily become a copycat.  Instead, I roamed around in areas that I can always use a little advice – you know the stuff:  weight loss, saving money, self-development and business.  Wow, talk about your smart people – not only do these folks provide a wealth of knowledge…they can really count!  Here are some I’ve found:  The 3 Best Ways to Gain Confidence TodayDefine Your Best Assets-20 Great Ways to Lose 2 Pounds in 2 Weeks or Less,  The 6 Biggest Financial Blunders You’ll Make in the Next 12 Days,  America’s 7 Top Reality-Show Double-Crossers Reveal Their Top 10 Strategies For Dumping Your Bad Boyfriend Tomorrow, as well as (my personal favorite) The 12 Main Reasons Your Dog Pees On Your Bed.

From my research, I now understand the Number 1 Rule for Creating A Best-Ever Blog Experience is to make sure an expert panel offers best advice in a list of not less that three but no more than twenty-five bullets, all of which must be read NOW to be effective.   And to do this in 50 words or less.

I would have preferred naming this post “The Five Most Earth-Shattering Reasons YOU Should Read This Expert Blog Before You Make Another Click”.  Alas, I’m more of a hostess, less of an expert, when it comes to YOU.  I mean, we haven’t really known each other very long, haven’t even been properly introduced, and, frankly, so far our relationship seems pretty one-sided, wouldn’t you say?  I don’t know how you got here, where you’re coming from, what you expect or what kind of web-site-experience baggage you might be bringing along…    In fact, the only thing I can really know about for sure right now is, well, ME (and even then, some would say I could benefit from a little more self-discovery).

I have a passion for all things old, vintage, “of a certain age”, antique.   I spend a lot of time with vintage items, and I’ll share my stories and my finds with you, and hope you’ll share yours with me.  But, don’t feel pressured… I know this request comes on kind of suddenly, so how ‘bout if I go first?  I’ll share MY top reason for wanting to create a place for idea-sharing between folks whose common interest is old stuff… whether that means junk, vintage, antique, or just the type of stuff your friends look at and say, “Kind of dated, don’t you think?”

So, the next blog I write, which will get posted at the same time and in the same place as this one, just below, will delve more deeply into the the Reasons behind the Reasons I Started This Blog Site.  For now, we’ll just do the countdown – and hope you either skipped ahead already, or will read through to the end.


5  Commerce  (It is at the bottom of the list, but you did expect a buying opportunity, didn’t you)

4  Creative Community  (If you are reading this I imagine you appreciate your own creativity.  By sharing, inspiring, learning together we become a community)

3  Connecting the Dots  (Stories that make sense of objects from a different time and place, that helps us understand an item’s context, cultural meaning, and history of development)

2  Caravans  (It’s a reach, I know)  (Traveling with vintage in mind)

1  skfekjafdkjdl.

Those are the Big Five Reasons…I’ll do an entry on each one, so stay tuned for what the heck they mean, and to find out how you can help build this community.

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