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WE’RE GOING ON A TRIP, AND WE’RE TAKING AN ANTIQUE, A BARBIE (vintage of course), AND A COLLECTIBLE… (now it’s your turn)

Unlike most of the global population, I had never really visited the blogosphere.  Sometimes a colleague at work would try to shuttle me forward, but I didn’t stay for long and certainly never ventured out alone!  Last year, as we geared up to open Artifactually Yours, I started traveling further afield on the internet- away from static websites and the occasional e-bay auction, and into a world of dynamic, fascinating people reaching out to each other through journals, photographs, video and the ubiquitous thumb up, thumb down or LOVE.  While gathering up information for my business plan, I read “about” folks who, like me, were passionately interested in “old stuff”…

  • entrepreneurs specializing in just about every type of vintage category and selling online,
  • artists re-purposing “junk” or old items past repair,
  • designers creating rooms from a palette of antique architectural forms, furnishings and accents,
  • collectors searching to expand or decrease the size of their collection,
  • thrifters sharing incredible flea market finds, hilarious stories
  • curators creating inventive uses and displays for their personal collections and
  • and dealers offering buying opportunities, announcing sales and discounts, upcoming shows and markets.

The blogosphere is a galaxy far, far, farther away than I’d first thought… I’ve discovered new information, gazed at fantastic images of real people at real events with real stuff,  gasped at superior finds (how the heck do people find this stuff?),  reviewed general philosophies about market trends and researched the value of an item I planned to sell.   This shared information,  it’s the  life-stuff of my newly discovered universe.  I’ve immersed myself in websites, news sites, aps, e-publications, pictures, podcasts and subscription feeds about all sorts of subjects, but return again and again to sites and communities featuring people like me:  people  finding, acquiring fixing, caring for, collecting, researching or selling vintage items and antique.  Doesn’t really matter what it is… just has to be old.

I’ve enjoyed my virtual travels.   So much that now I want to learn how to drive (or fly if you’re keeping track of that outer-space metaphor).

I like to think I’ve had one or two antiquing encounters that are completely unique to me and might be interesting to you for one reason or another.  I believe that you have experience with the world of vintage that is unique to you and has the potential to wow, amuse or educate others. I know for certain we have at least one thing in common: pursuing a passionate interest in objects from times long gone.  Artifactually Yours is about combining the thrill of the hunt, detective work, super heroic efforts, exploration, invention, good stories, great sales, and shopping all in one place.  Kind of like the best of summer camp, only without the horses.

Of course, it’s going to take a while to get there.  In fact, I’d pack a snack or two if I were you…  I mean, you and I have just met, after all, and I hardly know a thing about you.  Step up.  Introduce yourself.  Tell us what you love to collect. Where you find wild stuff, how you get it home, and what the heck do you do with it all?  Share tips, brag about the perfect deal, commiserate over the “one that got away” …The important thing is that you can help create this blog… you can help make it what YOU want.  We want to get to know you…  so drop us a line.

That’s what Artifactually Yours is all about …  and that’s what this blog will be about too.

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